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AP Capital supports you in your (i) external growth projects, (ii) disposals (SME/SMI, spin-off), or (iii) capital restructurings. We put our experience at the service of our clients’ ambitions to help them succeed in their strategic projects.

Our multi-specialist team stands out by its financial expertise, the integration of Big Data analysis in the majority of our studies to optimise their coverage and quality, and the strength of our network of private equity funds and corporates in France and Europe. Our team is 110% committed to the success of your project. 


As entrepreneurs, we understand your challenges and expectations. We are above all financial experts at the service of your corporate strategy. We understand your project and we put you in touch with your future partners. AP Capital has a unique methodology to ensure the success of your transaction. Throughout the mission, our support aims to optimize the conditions for the completion of the M&A operation entrusted to us (financial and industrial).

Pre-transaction strategic advice / External growth

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Capital & Debt advisory

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