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Financing & Fundraising

AP Capital is specialized in financial engineering for fund raising.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by an exclusive offer to accompany startups in their fundraising at competitive prices.


A unique 360° offer for your fundraising

  • Startups: you are preparing to raise funds, we offer three packages: 
    • (i) a pre-funding offer to track your KPIs and set up reporting to your investors;
    • (ii) the creation of your BP, a quantified translation of your strategic roadmap necessary for your raising;
    • (iii) post fund raising, we assist you in structuring your finance function until the recruitment of your CFO.
  • SME / ETI: AP Capital assists you with the financial engineering essential for LBOs.

AP Capital, the partner of your fundraising

For your fundraising

• Business plan
• Management package
• LBO model

Selection of accompanied clients


Start-up – Agribusiness (1 month)

Realization of the Business Plan (BP).

Supporting the company in defining its 3-year strategic plan by studying the positioning / movements of competitors and market drivers.

Realization of the BP corresponding to this roadmap by integrating hypotheses on the incomes and the items of expenses.

management package

SME – Management Package (1 month)

Modelling and implementation of a management package in the context of a capital reorganisation.

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