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Strategic financial advice – Special situations

Do you want to restructure your group? You lack access to internal or external information to make your strategic decision? You have a dispute with a supplier? You don’t know how to approach a financial problem?

AP has a methodology adapted to your complex problems. Our teams with professional backgrounds trained in AP methodologies will help you to define the problem, its methodical approach and to obtain an adapted solution.

CFO Advisory

Delegate your complex problems to our experts.

Startups, SMEs, Funds: a specific need, we are here to bring you answers to your specific problems.

AP Capital has the financial expertise to meet your needs.

1) To improve your profitability

• Financial reporting
• Margin understanding
• Creation of a personalized financial tool

2) To make your decisions

• Develop a new market
• Specific strategic thinking

3)  Other missions

• Cost reduction plan
• Supplier Litigation and Intellectual Property
• Valuation of assets

Selection of accompanied clients

Services BtoB

SME – BtoB Services (2 months)

Our client, specialised in cleaning for companies, asked us to define a new bonus system for its 400 employees. Taking into account many variables, the company wished to delegate this optimization to a financial expert.


SME – SEO Consulting (3 months)

Our client, specialized in BtoB consulting, asked us to assist them in their strategic reflections in order to realize a competitive study on the penetration of a new market.  The AP teams carried out financial modelling in order to arbitrate between a strategic acquisition and the development of a new market through organic growth.

PME retail

SME – Retail (3 months)

Our client, specialized in the distribution of clothing online and in physical distribution, has asked us to optimize its costs on a load item with a high contribution to its P&L.
The AP methodology has enabled it to save 37% on this expense item.

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